A class DVD was made for the 40th Reunion. There are copies left, free to a good home! They will be at the 50th Reunion!

35th Movie, focusing on our class, the photos and content of the original website (If you can’t see the movie below, click on 35th Movie to download.)

40th Movie, focusing on events of 1969 (If you can’t see the movie below, click on 40th Movie to download.)

Some YouTube Videos about Houghton Lake

Vintage Houghton Lake

Fly over lake 2012

Drone fly over lake 2016

TUT 2012 (Under the Radar TV Show)

Vacation July 4th, 2017

Great Getaways:

Houghton Lake Flats

Tip Up Town USA

Ice Fishing


State Forest Campground

Cut River Bridge


Houghton Lake Historical Village

Tying the Houghton Lake Special

Houghton Lake Cheer on the Lake