Yearbook Sayings

Cherrie Alton

Richard Apps
“Well, you know…”

Larry Averill
“If I volunteer, will I get extra credit?”

Bjorg Baadsvik
“Are you kidding me?”

Robert Babion
“I’m too lazy!

Sharon Barnum
“You mean we ain’t eatin’ yet?”

Patric Baumgartner
“Simple minds are easily amused.”

Dawn Bowman
“I think it’s rather ridiculous myself.”

Jeri Bowman
“Well, if you insist.”

Debbie Brunt
“Oh! It’s gravy.”

Dean Burke
At six foot-four inches tall,
He looks down on most all.

Jewel Burns
With a smile on her face, Jewel is a nice girl to have any place

Craig Butler Buchoz
“Fat Albert”
“How much do I owe you?”

Bill Chrispell

Karen Cook
“Don’t get wiry!”

Dave Cornell
“We gotta get some work done.

Sandra Davis
“I can resist anything but temptation.”

Deb DeLano

Corrine Dove

Mary Ellen Earley
“Oh, come you guys!”

Steve Eash
A nice type of guy

Rose Mary Elmer
“Does my hair look alright?”

Mike Gagne
A quiet type of guy to have around

Sam Gardner
Little drops of water,
little flakes of soap,
wash away the movement,
leave us with no hope.”

Clare Gee
I was short, now I’m tall, 
but find it easier to fall.

Pat Gilbert
“I wish they would do something about it.”

Bill Gillies
An inseparable pair, 
Bill and his jeep.

Sue Greenwald
“Now listen, you guys.”

 Dan Hamp
“Hamp has a better idea!”

Wendell Hanneman

Tom Harris
“Tricky Tommy Turtle”
A little nonsense now and then..

Loraine Hauch
“For Pete’s sake!”

John Haveman
“What’s goin’ on here?”

Larry Hicks
“Long, beautiful hair;

Martha Hose
“My stars!”

Gail Kalis
“Oh, Mr. Blasky!”

Pam Kepler
“I was
so embarrassed!”

John Knapp
“Big John”
Quiet waters run deep.

Maria Delia Larguia
“You loco!”

Vicky Leedy
“Somebody took another flower!”

Sandy Lensky
“What a bummer!”

Frank Loveless
“Where’s my broom?”

Sandra Lynk
“I’m going to let my hair grow long!”

Rebecca Marra
“I’m gonna cry!”

Barb Matter
“My skirts aren’t too short, my legs are too long!”

Dan Matter
“What’s it gonna hurt?”

Eunice McGuire
Little, not loud; pretty, not proud.

Deborah Melton
“Remember the time…”

Gary Metzger
“Look at them scurvy Juniors!”

Ken Myers
“I blew my transmission!”

Richard Miller
“Maybe you don’t know who I am!”

Sandy Miller
“I don’t get it!”

Diane Mueller
“I don’t believe it!”

Pat Murphy
“Whata ya doin’ that for?”

Craig Oster
“Wait ’til I’m governor!”

Gary Peters

Grace Pruden
She has a way of agreeing with everybody when everybody else is disagreeing.

Cathy Putt
“What’s wrong with sixty-two footnotes?”

John Quirk
“Johnnie Q”
“W…down at Skid Row.”

Mike Randall
“I don’t care, I know I’m right!”

Ken Rayl
“I’m right! I know I am.”

Teresa Roberts
“I wasn’t doin’ nuthin.

Stephanie Rowe
Sometimes quiet, sometimes shy;
but the rest of the time – Oh my!

Norma Rudolph

Christine Saxton
“My kid’s gonna grow up right!”

Ron Shank
“This is WHGR serving you from Houghton Lake.”

Sharon Sliwany
“I don’t know, Mr. Haight.”

Jan Simons
A different color of hair for every day.

Dave Stensrud
“Society controls men.”

Mike Streff
“When I get to Albuquerque…”

Kathy Stuck
Goodness is an investment
that will never fail.

Debra Thompson
“Well, if you say so; I guess so.”

Rosemary Thompson
“Don’t do that!  It’ll mess up my books.”

Denice Van Duinen
With a quiet joy that explodes into a smile!”

Mark Vick
“Little Brother”
“You mean we ain’t left yet?”

Linda Von See
“I hate school!”

Ken Waara
“Yep! Swedes are like that!”

Tim Webb
With eyes full of mischief,
he remains quiet.”

John White

Beverly Williams
“I don’t care!”

Ron Williams
“Oh no!”

Suzette Wood
“What’s cool?
Tell Suzette what’s cool.”