Class Trivia

What was the theme of the yearbook?  (Turn, Turn, Turn based on Ecclesiastics)
How many steps are inside the Washington Monument? (the yearbook says 900)
What was the type of car that Becky drove?  What did the sign on top say? (Morris Minor, Hunt’s Rexall Drug Store)
What was the make and model of Dan’s car?  What was the highest number of classmates in that car at one time? (??)
What was the price of a ticket to the Music Box during Senior Year? (95 cents)
How many exchange students did our class have? 
Who did each of them live with? (3 – Bjorg with the Marras, Ken with ? and Maria with ?)
How many pennies did we pay for lunch with? (30)
Who brought the chicken? (Debby’s grandparents)
What was the last song played at the Box each night? (??)