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These Bios are from the 35th Reunion in 2004!!

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UPDATED! Brit Weber: Hello Friends!  It’s 2019 – 50 years after our graduation. What a wonderful ride life has been and it continues to be so!  Mary (retired nurse and now doing online sales) and I are celebrating one year of marriage and live in East Lansing MI. I have three children (Sandi, Mike and Tim), two in Michigan (one married, one divorced and both with one child) and one in Texas (divorced with no children). I was married twice before.  Mary and I enjoy golfing, kayaking, walking the trails, bicycling, working around the house and yard, going to start pickle ball this summer, searching for mushrooms, sitting on the back patio on warm summer evenings with a cool refreshing drink and socializing with friends and family (and I love to read). Equally important, we share our home with Koby, a rescue dog that we love. Over time, I earned my Bachelors from Eastern Michigan University and my MS from Michigan State University. Soon after high school, I joined the Michigan State Police and served at various posts in southern Michigan and left after 28 years as a Lieutenant from the Ypsilanti Post.  Then I worked for a construction company in Michigan as their Manager of Safety and Human Resources.  Did that for three years then left and went overseas to work for the United Nations in Kosovo (formerly a part of Yugoslavia) as a law enforcement trainer.  Spent one year working there with people from 51 other nations. Travelled to Italy, Greece, and Turkey with a few short stops in other Balkan countries too. After Kosovo, came back to Michigan and started working at Michigan State University (MSU).  Through a federal grant awarded to MSU, as the program director, I travelled around the nation and worked with cities and counties in bringing together local businesses to collaborate with leaders from police, fire, health, and emergency management in creating community partnerships on preparing for, responding to and recovering from critical incidents and disasters. Also, been doing consulting for twenty years in crisis management, security and emergency preparedness. Did some teaching too at MSU but after twelve years, I left the full-time gig but still do a bit of teaching but focus more so on security consulting on a part-time basis. Now, back to the real world, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up on the latest at this year’s 50th anniversary at the Lake!  Mary and I are going to spend the week at the Lake and do some golfing, shopping, go-karts, taking Koby for walks, enjoying the beaches, and hopefully spend some time with fellow grads.

UPDATED! Becky Marra Davis — I started my family after college and after working in  corporate America  for a number of years. My daughter now lives and works in the DC area and got married in 2015. My son is a Captain in the Army currently in Washington state. No grandchildren are in the foreseeable future for me.  I got an engineering degree from MSU, and went on to work for AT&T.  After 13 years, I left the work world to take a leave of absence when my daughter was born, which I never ended. I worked part-time for a few years as a consultant, where  I put together a cost analysis for companies about parental leaves and the cost of turnover.  As my kids grew, I got involved in school and PTAs.  In 1993, I became a born-again, Bible toting Christian.  That has drawn me to get involved with my local church as well as a healing ministry.  
Today, I have time to learn new skills, like web site publishing, newsletters, and photography [I got a Photography Technology Certificate at my local community college.]  I scrapbook (I did a three volume set for my parents 50th spanning 50+ years!), love word puzzles, dabble in genealogy, and love Bible study.   In 2006, I took my new photography skills and got a part-time job doing photo restoration which I really enjoyed.  I also did some event and portrait photography.  
You can check out my photo web sites at: and  I now focus on Fine Art and Travel Photography. 
I am still with my husband, Mark, married now for 41 years.  He retired in 2016, so I guess I’m retired as well. This is our time to travel, see the world, visit kids and family. We love Viking River Cruise, National Parks, and have a bucket list longer than we could ever fully explore.
Mom passed away in 2018 after suffering for 9 years with Alzheimer’s, and Dad is doing well but not walking any longer, and living still on the West Shore of HL.  I have a brother (Dana) and sister (Janet) still at HL. My other brother (Dave) lives now in Arizona.  My sister, Nancy Marra Bernhoft (Class of 1970), died in 1999.  
I live in Illinois in the same house as I was in for our 20th/35th/40th/45th reunions.  See my family home page at and I’m  active on social media: 
Facebook: Becky Jane Davis, 
Instagram; beckyjanedavis, 
Twitter: beckyjanedavis. 
I have Blogs – one at for photography, and another Becky Joy Musings at where I share thoughts, words, images and more.

UPDATED! Deborah Melton Johnson:  I am single and have 3 children.  Joshua and Jacob and my daughter Jessica.  I am blessed with 12 grandchildren and that is enough for any one woman.  I am the only grandparent left for most of them, so I try and stay close and be a good influence on them like my grandparents were.  They range in age from 27 to 15 months and only 3 girls.  My sons live in Tennessee and Illinois and are successful businessmen with their own companies and Jessica is a teacher here in Cadiz, KY so I see her almost daily.  While I “forget” which grandchildren are step grandchildren I am currently raising two step grandchildren.  Josh who just turned 9 and Will who is 6.  Many people think I am nuts and others think they will keep my young.  As I told the judge, I am older, wiser, don’t sweat the small stuff and I only wish I had had my boys trained as well as I have these two.  My daughter married a man with these two boys.

I started my company Whizz Advertising over 12 years ago after many years in corporate America.  I stay very busy with work, grandchildren and philanthropy.  I am blessed to be able to support the causes I am passionate about.  First children then women, veterans and helping those who can’t help themselves, not those who won’t.  Plus, many environment issues and the serious problem of feeding America. Most days I feel there is not enough of me to go around.

I love to travel but don’t get to as much as I would like.  I get to Vegas once a year for conference with the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association where I serve as Vice President. I have been taking my annual trip to Michigan for the reunion for the past 15 years.  I would take a week, stay with Suzette and visit relatives.  I miss Suzette daily.  We would make the best of my time up there as it was my one time a year that I wasn’t a Mother, grandmother or businessperson and we could really kick up our heals.  My kids all knew what a loss she was to me, so my oldest son said he wanted to give me a trip every year.  This year I think I will take a cruise in October, so I am just trying to figure out where I want to go.  My sister Patty and I used to take our girls on a yearly trip and the four of us have had many great times.  But with them having children it makes it harder for them to get away now.  Two years ago, Patty and I took many trips to California to spend as much time with my brother Ron as we could before he passed.

 I have also been working the past few years on Ancestry for both sides of my family.  It has been very interesting, but I have to be careful as I get started and will work for hours on end as it is so interesting.  Fortunately, much of the work on my fathers’ side was done as a college project by one of the relatives some year back so I only have to fill in new information.  On my Mothers side there was no information, so I have built it.  My great grandmother came from Scotland, but I can’t find information on her but have traced my grandfathers’ side back to Ireland not that many generations ago.  

I wonder where the time went for us to be celebrating our 50th high school reunion. I don’t go to my college reunions. I always look forward to seeing our core group that meets yearly.  A few years back my sister Patty joined me at Suzettes to go to the Reunion of the 60’s at Linda and Larry’s.  I say that is the only place I can go and be one of the youngest ones there.

I am very busy with a very full life and wake up every day feeling truly blessed.  

Joanne Martens:  I live in St.Louis, Missouri and teach high school math. I’m divorced, my children are 24, 26, and 28, the oldest, Tracy, lives in Detroit, David, is next and lives in North Carolina, and John (the youngest) lives here in MO.  None of them are married, guess I didn’t set a very good example, and I’m not a grandmother yet (Thank the Lord).  I graduated from Central in 1994, moved here in 1995, started graduate school, and substitute teaching until I found the school that seemed right for me.  Now get this, I work in a district that mirrors an inner city school, and while at times it is incredible frustrating, it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done since raising my children. Go figure, a small town, country girl, raised in an all white community, working in a 98% African-American school.  Not the easiest job I’ve ever walked into.  However, my life in extremely full and rewarding.  I tutor, teach in a GED-Option program and spend many after school hours working football, basketball, music, numerous other after-school activities and for anyone familiar with educational jargon, spend many hours learning and sharing multiple learning and teaching strategies.  I dropped out of Grad school during my first year of teaching at Riverview since none of the classes seemed to help make me a better teacher, of course now it’s time to increase my educational documentation, so I have found a program in Math Education and will start back in the fall.  Guess, I’ll just have to limit some of my other activities.  My children tell me I wouldn’t still be single if I did something besides work, and I just tell them “Look who’s talking”.  I love what I do and living here is the greatest, since we have long springs, and falls, short winters and HOT summers, it’s my kind of place.  I keep a small garden, which I am always changing.  I travel a lot, I’ve visited most historical and nation parks on the east coast from Canada to Florida, and as far west as the Rockies, including hiking in most of the national parks from Montana to Colorado and I hope to spend most of next summer (2005) doing the upper west coast (British Columbia to California).  Oh ya, and some how in there I always manage to read multi books, that are not educational, every year.  Don’t ask, it’s a sanity thing.  OK, I feel like I’ve spilled my guts and given away all my secrets so I think that is enough information about me, I look forward to hearing everyone’s life story, either by email or at the  reunion this summer. U all keep in touch and I’ll see you in June?   

Rosemary Thompson Alexander:  I worked for Michigan Bell for 14 years, “retired”, and moved to South Carolina in 1985.  I worked for a craft shop for 5 years, Wal-Mart for 3 1/2 years.  Now I’m self-employed, cleaning houses & offices. Our area has a lot of retired people, mostly from up North, that won’t clean for themselves. I’ve always liked to clean, so it works for me. I like being my own boss, making my own hours, and working for people I like. My only child is Rachel, who went to Clemson University (which is only about 20 miles from here), and teaches second grade for the Walhalla School System. She has been married for 4 years and has two girls, 2 1/2 year old Zoe, and 11 month old Layla. They live about 12 minutes from me, so I see them often. The girls take turns staying with me every Friday night. We all like football and go to a lot of the Clemson home games, with season tickets. I’ve been divorced for 4 years, thanks to menopause (and I really mean “THANKS”). I’m looking forward to our reunion, because it will be the first one that I won’t have a JEALOUS husband watching me!  Any more info for my bio? Let me know if I’ve forgotten something. Oh, yes. My parents are living in Davison now, Mom is in good health still (turns 80 tomorrow), but my dad has had one major stroke (I’m convinced he’s had more!) and can’t (or won’t) do much anymore.  Talk to you soon.  One of my brothers is in Davison and the other is in Texas.  I enjoy the “quiet” life, gardening, quilting, needlework, reading, etc.   Go TIGERS!  I must like cats!!! First, the Bobcats, then the Tigers, and I have two much smaller cats at home!   

Larry Averill:  Good to hear from you.  I have 3 children: Cari Averill-age 30, Ed Denman-age 29 & Candi Schwartz-age 24.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer. 

Richard Apps:  Life is busy for us but we are greatly blessed. My wife has been a stay at home Mom and invested her time and talents in raising our two sons – who have turned out pretty good. She has done some crafts, runs the nursery program for our church for many years and two weeks ago opened an antique shop here in St. Louis. Our older son is married, has a 20 month old son, a second child due in April, lives here in St. Louis and teaches social studies at the Morey Charter School in Winn.  Our younger son is married, lives in Osceola, Wisconsin, and is a mechanical engineer living his pre-school dream of building fire trucks. I still administer anesthetics at the hospital in Alma just like the last 29 years, serve as an Elder in our church and have enjoyed over 20 years of working with our volunteer fire department. Don’t get near enough time to read!  

Grace Pruden Bruer:  Our oldest is 11.  Her name is Elizabeth.  She is a sixth grader at the same middle school where I teach.  Jonathon is all boy.  He is nine, and one of the nicest boys.  Hannah is seven and as the baby probably gets by with too much.  All three of our children have asked Jesus into their hearts.  It is a great pleasure to see them grow in the Lord!   

Stephanie Rowe Sherwood:  Tim Sherwood (from Merritt, MI) and I moved to Colorado in 1976 and married in 1977.  He also has been my one and only.  We have one son, Dustin, who was born December 25th 1980.  Tim is a consultant in the oilfield and is a very busy guy. I have been in banking since 1976.  I started my career with Affiliated Bancshares in Boulder.  They were purchased by Bank One around 1992.  I did not like working for such a large corporate bank and left them in 1999.  After Bank One I worked for METLIFE for about six months primarily selling investments.  I did not like that industry at all and started work for the Bank I am currently with.  Home State Bank is a family owned bank (since the early 70s), with six branches in Loveland and Ft. Collins.  I absolutely love working in this environment and am Branch Manager in one of the Loveland branches.  My current passion is quilting and have actively been involved in that hobby for the last two years.  I love it and it is a big stress reliever for me besides being great fun.  Tim and I love to fish and garden.  We can everything from the garden and this year we had about 18 tomato plants so we have a lot of salsa, tomato juice and sauce!  I also love to cook and read. My Mom still lives at the Lake and Tim’s parents are still in Merritt so we try to go back to Michigan every other year. 

Sandy Lensky Parks:  I am also divorced after almost 25 years of marriage; it’s time had come and gone, I’m much happier now.  We moved to the mountains in Colorado after being in the Ann Arbor area for about 10 years.  My son is attending his first year of Community College, trying to determine if he really wants to go to school or become a professional mountain biker, skier, or just play the guitar.  My daughter  is a sophomore in high school and much more serious about it.  I am still, at my age, trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I don’t like going to work, I like staying at home, so I’m trying my hand at a few home business ventures – sales/marketing and home re-decorating/clutter clearing/feng shui, etc.

Vicky Leedy Barrios:  Javier and I were divorced 8 years ago. We stayed friends, though. He was my best friend. He died in February, due to complications from liver disease. He actually had a massive stroke, probably from the medication he was on to speed up his system to make his liver work harder Jay is 27, and living with me at the moment. He has lived in Minneapolis, Tucson, Denver and Eugene, Oregon. He was going to school to become a graphic artist, but had to drop out, due to money problems. He is cooking at a casino in Deadwood. Shawn is married to a girl named Kriste (yes, it’s confusing with 2 Christy/Kristes). They have a little boy, Brandon, who is 4. He’s my only grandchild. They lived in Spearfish until August, when they moved to Phoenix. Shawn is a draftsman, and Kriste is attending culinary school. While Shawn was in school here, he worked in South Dakota’s only 4-diamond restaurant, and learned to be quite a chef himself. I used to have Brandon every weekend while they worked, and several times during the week. It feels so empty here now. I really miss them. Tim is 22, and a poker and blackjack dealer in Deadwood, at the same place that Jay works. He is making good money, but continues to live here. He moved out for a while, and found out that it’s expensive to live on your own. He has quite a serious girlfriend, though, and I think it’s just a matter of time until they marry or move in together. By the way, I love both Shawn’s wife and Tim’s girlfriend. Christy is 17, and a senior in high school. She is very active, unlike the boys. She reminds me of me, in that way. She is very involved in theater and singing, both at the school and in the local theater company. I think of you often, since she is an editor of the yearbook. She is working part-time at Wal-Mart. She wants to either go to South Dakota State U, clear across the state or Black Hills State U, right here in Spearfish. She is thinking about teaching, and BH is probably the best teacher’s school in the state. Teaching had never crossed her mind until she began a mentorship in a first grade classroom, and fell in love with it. I never returned to school after I left MSU—well, except for a few classes I took at Kirtland. I always wanted to, and I still might someday. I stayed home with my kids until Christy was 2, and then only worked in the evenings. When she was in school all day, I went to work fulltime. I have been at Wal-Mart for 13 years. I am a department manager there. It’s certainly not my dream job, but it’s better than some things I might be doing. Two friends and I make and sell stained glass stepping stones. They are concrete, with real stained glass designs. We do several shows a year, in the spring and summer. Our business is called Mud Pie Designs, because it feels like making mud pies when we are pouring the concrete.

Sandy Miller Pringle:  I got started on my family before most of the rest of the class.  I have a 30 year old daughter, Toni, who is married 5 years now and gave me my first grandchild last year.  She is beautiful and her name is Sara.  They live in California.  Toni works for GM and is there for 2 years on a work assignment.  They will be moving back next fall.  I can’t wait.  My son, Tom, is 28 and will be getting married next July 17 to a really sweet girl, Amy.  My youngest daughter, Teri, is a teacher.  She is 25 now and will probably be getting engaged to a really nice man, Jim, very soon.  I have really been blessed with wonderful children.  I am remarried now to a wonderful man, David Pringle.  We are very happy, I know that I have finally found the right one.  I feel content and settled for the first time in my life.  We live in White Lake Michigan.  We almost lost Richard twice in the past 1 1/2 years.  He had a  brain aneurysm a year ago this past June and had to have brain surgery, spent 18 days in intensive care.  We all did a lot of praying and he pulled through.  Then this past July, he went into the hospital to have an angioplasty (sp) and had blockage in all arteries, took him right in for emergency surgery and had a quadruple bypass.  He is doing pretty well, but cannot work any longer. 

Diane Mueller Benford:  Friday was my birthday and getting your message was the best present.  My husband Greg and I still live in Mt. Pleasant.  My sister Darlene lives in Houghton Lake and my parents live there in the summer so I can meet you sometime when you come back to see your family.  I’m sorry for the family deaths that you have experienced since we’ve seen each other.  My mom sees your family once in a while.  It sounds like you have a great family and happy life.  I have been blessed too.  Life has been good to me. I am a school guidance counselor at the Mt Pleasant Area Technical Center connected to Mt. Pleasant High School.  Working with high school students on their future career plans is really enjoyable.  We have two daughters.  Leslie is in her junior year of nursing school at Wayne State University.  Allison graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy two years ago and she is an architect at Barton Malow Design in Southfield.   She is marrying her high school boyfriend next Labor Day Weekend.  I hope our reunion isn’t that weekend.  My mom and dad winter in Arizona so this Saturday they fly back to their winter home.  Donna and Dean live in Howell and David lives outside Louisville, Kentucky.  I love it when we get together.  The summer of 2002 we rented a house on Beaver Island and without our spouses we went for a week with mom and dad. It was one of the most enjoyable vacations I have ever had.   Last fall I ran into Cherie Alton who now goes by Cheryl.  She teaches in Harrison or Farwell.  I never see anyone else.  It is time for all of us to have  a reunion.  Let me know where and when you can use my help. Let me know as you hear from people.  I still remember my first day of school at Houghton Lake when Mrs. Vander???? said “Oh no, not another student.  Just go back and sit by _____”.  I didn’t know who ______  was  and you motioned and told me where to go. 

Dan Hamp: Shortly after high school I entered the US Army and spent two years in the Infantry with one of the years spent in Germany.  After the army,  I enrolled in Northwestern Michigan College for one year then on to Kirtland Community College for two years graduating as an Aircraft Technician.  While at Kirtland, I also learned to fly and bought my first airplane.  I then was hired by Lake Central Aviation in Traverse City and worked there for the next two years.  Back to Kirtland as an Instructor in their aviation program for the years 1976-77.  In 1978 I became an aircraft inspector through the FAA.  I met and married my wife of 27 years, Carmen, and we began a family.  In January 1980,  I took over as the airport manager at the Roscommon County Airport, Houghton Lake and stayed in that position until 1987.  While running the airport I also received my Commercial,  Multi-Engine rating, and Flight Instructor for land and seaplanes.  We moved to Bellaire, Michigan in 1990 and I restarted my private aviation business at the Antrim County Airport.  I recertified airplanes and taught flying until December 1998 when due to health problems, I retired.  We now live in the Upper Peninsula in the small town of Trout Lake.  Both kids are on their own and we are happily retired.  I enjoy fishing all year round, hunting, and some Jeep’n, and I still fly a little. 

Patric Baumgartner: I graduated from Chaminade College (now University) of Hawaii in 1973.  I also received a commission through ROTC in the Army, and spent 3 years in the Army in Carlisle, PA.  Shortly after getting out of the Army, I started as a civilian in the Federal government.  I worked in PA, IN and MD for various parts of the Department of Defense.  Since 1990 I have worked for the Food & Drug Administration in Rockville, MD.  I have been married to my wife Pauline since 1980, no children or grandchildren.  We love to travel, especially cruises.   Note to all:   I would welcome email from any and all of you.  Be aware that I sometimes go weeks without checking email here at home.  Must be a reaction to what I do at work, responding daily to dozens of emails, one or two of which are important. 

Sam Gardner:  I’m still here in the same place I started many years ago. I married my high school sweetheart (Kathy Tiffin) and she is still putting up with me after 32 years. We have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy. My oldest daughter is married and lives in Washington State. She is a teacher out there and has 2 children, a boy and a girl. That makes me a grandfather.  My son graduated from Mi. State and lives in Midland Mi.. He is an assistant superintendent at a golf course down there and getting married in July. Child number 3 is graduating from the University of Wi. in May and my youngest is studying nursing at Mid Mi. I have been employed by Verizon for 30 years (notice that I said employed by, after 30 years I have learned how to avoid the work part.) I am really looking forward for this reunion I hope all of you can be there.

Mike Randall:  Since completing college, I had worked for my dad for a year and then started a career in banking in Lake City.  In 1976, I married for the first time and moved to the Detroit area.  I have one daughter, 21, from my first marriage.  I obtained my masters degree from The University of Detroit in 1985.  I married for a second time in 1991 and have two very active boys from this marriage, 11 and 9.  My wife and I had intended to honeymoon in Greece and Italy but the Gulf War broke out and we decided it was not a good time to travel to Europe, especially Greece.  We traveled to Hawaii instead and had a wonderful time.  My oldest son, my wife and I have traveled to Greece and several places throughout the US.  My youngest son is adopted from Guatemala so we have traveled to there a couple of times as well.  We will not be able to make the class reunion this year because we will be vacationing in Washington DC and exploring a lot of Civil War sites.  My oldest son is a history buff and can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about the Civil War and any other historical event including the Greek War of Independence, the Trojan War, etc, etc.      My career in banking ended in the early 1990’s during all the merger mania.  Since then I have been in the healthcare industry until last summer.  Having enough of the corporate world and my wife and I deciding that it was important for one of us to be home for the boys, I launched my own business.     Currently I am importing Greek Orthodox icons from Greece and other religious and handmade items from artisans of Greece.  I haven’t made a lot of money but the rewards of being home with the boys and simplifying our lives has been more than worth the tradeoff.  With the new business I will probably have to travel to Greece 3-4 times a year.  What a bummer, eh?   My business ties in very nicely with our family’s involvement in our church life in the Greek Orthodox Church.  (Yes, I have had a “big fat Greek wedding” and to dispel any misconceptions, we DO NOT barbecue lamb in the front yard, we use the BACK YARD for that.)  The whole family is very active in our parish life.     Both of my boys are altar boys.  And each son is an avid baseball and basketball player.  It seems like a lot of our time is spent running from one sporting event to the next.   My wife keeps very active with her legal practice and as a Sunday School teacher.  She is very supportive of my business venture and a terrific mom.  The boys love to tell their friends how silly she can be.  She is a real good sport putting up with all the testosterone flying around the house.     Most of my time these days is taken up with launching my business and taking care of the boys and the house.  I think now how did I ever have time to go to work.  The development of my website has been a huge task but well worth the wait.  My site is schedule to open up June 6th.  For anyone that is interested the site is  I appreciate any feedback anyone is willing to throw my way.     My parents are both still living and still reside in Houghton Lake.  My two sisters and their families live there as well and my brother is in Chicago.  I still have one grandmother living and still in good health and too many aunts, uncles and cousins to keep track of.     I am sorry I won’t be there to see everyone this June.  I have enjoyed reading the updates in the website, however.  I hope you all have a great time at the reunion and hopefully see you at the next.

Karen Cook MacLachlan: My husband of 28 years and I live just west of Marquette, Michigan on Lake Michigamme.  We have only been in our new log home for a year now.  It is beautiful here, which makes it difficult to go to work in the morning.             I am working as an Assistant Administrator at the hospital in Marquette.  After high school, I went to Delta College and received a degree in nursing then a masters in nursing administration from NMU.  I have worked at the same hospital for 25 years, working my way up the ladder.  My husband retired twice first from a telephone company then from raising beef cattle.  Before moving to Michigamme, we lived on a farm.  My daughter lives near St. Louis, MO with her husband and my precious grandson of 5 years old.  Christa almost completed her masters in animal nutrition at MSU but married instead.  She raises and shows dogs (boxers).  Because of the distance, I do not get to see them much.  My father died 3 years ago.  My mother is healthy and still lives in Prudenville.  I cannot get her to move up here.  However, she does spend a lot of time with us in the summer but hates winter driving.  I do not travel much.  I am more of a material girl and besides Mike does not fly.  I do have a friend who takes me along occasionally.  With her I have been to New Zeeland and Australia.  Everyone should go there at least once in his or her lifetime.  Both countries are beautiful in different ways and have interesting cultures.  Two years ago we went to Switzerland.  And we are planning a trip to Africa next year.  Most of all, I enjoy staying home.  My activities include the quiet sports.  Hiking, biking, golf and kayaking in the summer and snow shoeing, and skiing (both downhill and cross country) in the winter.  I hope to see everyone at the reunion.